Bohol Other Seaport

Tubigon Seaport - It is the nearest seaport in Bohol island to Cebu City, providing many daily ferry round-trips boat and shipping schedules to Cebu City. It has recently expanded its seaport to accommodate. Tubigon, Bohol boat schedules serve every hour going to Cebu City.

Jagna Seaport - is located in Poblacion jagna. Jagna is located on the southern coast of Bohol, about 63 kilometers east of Tagbilaran City. Jagna, Bohol boat schedules

Talibon Seaport - is located on the northern coast of Bohol 114.8 kilometers via Tagbilaran North Road, 149.55 kilometers via Tagbilaran East Road, and 108.83 kilometers via Loay Interior Road. Talibon is a progressive town composed of 25 barangays, 8 of which are island barangays. Talibon Seaport is being serviced by two (2) shipping lines with a Talibon-Cebu City route and vice versa. Talibon, Bohol boat schedules

Ubay seaport - is only a few minutes ride away from the Poblacion. The town of Ubay is northeast of Tagbilaran City and about 123 kilometers away from the capital. Considered as the commercial center of northeastern Bohol, it is also the biggest of the 47 towns in terms of population and land area. Ubay, Bohol boat schedules

Ferries Contact

Ocean Fast Ferries, Inc.

Pier 1, Cebu Pier Area, Cebu City

Phone +63 (32) 255 7560

Fax +63 (32) 255 0115


SuperCat Fast Ferry Corporation (SFFC)

Pier 4, North Reclamation Area Cebu City, Philippines

Trunkline : (+63 32) 2337000

Fax : (+63 32) 2349667

Website :

Weesam Express Ferry

Cebu Ticket Office Pier 4 (Beside former Water Jet Terminal)

Tel No.: (032) 412-9562 / 231-7737


WG & A Super Ferry

Tel. Nos:+63 2 528-7000/ +63 2 404-3411


Tagbilaran Address: ATSC Tagbilaran, Pooc Pantalan, Poblacion 1, Tagbilaran City +63 38 501-8380

Sulpicio Lines

Ticket outlet Graham st. Tagbilaran City, Bohol

Tel. Nos:(032) 232-5361 to 80


Trans-Asia Shipping Lines

Tel. Nos: +63 32 2546491 to 95

Fax No. : +63 32 255-7899

Tagbilaran Address: Tagbilaran Shipping Agency 51 Palma Street, Tagbilaran City

Cokaliong Shipping Lines

Tel. Nos: +63 32 2327211

Tagbilaran Tel. No. : +63 38 4113874 / 4115242 Cebu Address: 46 D. Jakosalem Street Cebu City

Tel.No.: +63 32 71220 / 75941 / 2532262


Tubigon Port & Boat schedules

Tubigon Port, Tubigon Bohol (Philippines) is a town located at the eastern coast of Bohol Island. Tubigon port is the nearest seaport and the cheapest way in Bohol to Cebu, Cebu city to Bohol, providing many daily ferry round-trips to Cebu City. Tubigon Port has every hour boat schedules bound for Cebu-Tubigon vice versa. Also Tubigon port has fast craft ferries boat schedules serving daily. The Ferry Company serves Tubigon port namely Tubigon ferries, Starcraft ferry, Seajet Ferry, Mv jade star, Island Shipping Corp., Lite shipping and Kinswell Shipping inc. It has recently expanded its seaport to accommodate. Going to Tubigon from Cebu City most Ferries bound for Tubigon is in pier 1 and pier 3, the fastcrafts just take 45 minutes to an hour and costs P200 only. There are two fastcraft companies servicing the “Cebu to Tubigon” route. Starcraft ferry and Seajet fast craft ferry. Other Gateways to Bohol, Tagbilaran Port one of the cleanest seaport.

jadestar boat schedules for tubigon port

MV Jadestar Route Departure Arrival
MV Jadestar Cebu - Tubigon 06:00am 07:30am
MV Jadestar Cebu - Tubigon 7:30am 09:00am
MV Jadestar Cebu - Tubigon 10:15am 11:45pm
MV Jadestar Cebu - Tubigon 12:00pm 1:30pm
MV Jadestar Cebu - Tubigon 01:30pm 03:00pm
MV Jadestar Cebu - Tubigon 03:00pm 04:30pm
MV Jadestar Cebu - Tubigon 05:30pm 07:00pm
MV Jadestar Cebu - Tubigon 07:30pm 09:00pm
MV Jadestar Cebu - Tubigon 09:00pm 10:30pm
MV Jadestar Tubigon-Cebu 06:00am 07:30am
MV Jadestar Tubigon-Cebu 07:00am 08:35am
MV Jadestar Tubigon-Cebu 08:15am 09:40am
MV Jadestar Tubigon-Cebu 10:00am 11:35am
MV Jadestar Tubigon-Cebu 11:50am 01:20pm
MV Jadestar Tubigon-Cebu 01:15pm 02:40pm
MV Jadestar Tubigon-Cebu 03:45pm 05:10pm
MV Jadestar Tubigon-Cebu 05:00pm 06:20pm
MV Jadestar Tubigon-Cebu 06:00pm 07:30pm

Tubigon to Tagbilaran City Tourist Trail Routes. There are two “tourist trail” route options to get from Tubigon to Tagbilaran. The shorter way is to take the eastern coastal road passing by the towns of Calape, Loon, Maribojoc, Cortes, before arriving in Tagbilaran City. The towns dotting the eastern coast of Bohol has a number of interesting tourist attractions like Loon Macaques Mangrove Monkey, Maribojoc Punta cruz Watch tower and Cortes Abatan river community life tour. Meanwhile, the longer way is to take the central highway at the heart of Bohol Island. Bohol’s central highway is the main tourist trail of Bohol where the major attractions of Bohol can be found including the Chocolate Hills Complex Viewdeck in Carmen town, Man Made Forest and butterflies Conservation garden in Bilar, Loboc River Cruise, Loboc Church, Baclayon Church, Blood Compact Site, among others.

tubigon ferry boat schedules

Ferry Name Route Departure Arrival
Kinswell Shipping inc Cebu - Tubigon 12:45am 02:05am
Island Shipping Corp. Cebu - Tubigon 6:30am 08:30am
Lite Shipping Corp. Cebu - Tubigon 07:00am 09:00pm
Island Shipping Corp. Cebu - Tubigon 08:30pm 10:30pm
Kinswell Shipping inc Cebu - Tubigon 11:15pm 12:35pm
Lite Shipping Corp. Cebu - Tubigon 12:00pm 02:00pm
Kinswell Shipping Inc Cebu - Tubigon 04:45pm 06:05pm
Lite Shipping Corp. Cebu - Tubigon 07:00pm 09:00pm
Lite Shipping Corp. Tubigon-Cebu 12:00am 02:00am
Kinswell Shipping Inc Tubigon-Cebu 06:25am 07:45am
Lite Shipping Corp. Tubigon-Cebu 12:00pm 02:00pm
Kinswell Shipping Inc Tubigon-Cebu 02:15pm 03:35pm
Island Shipping Corp. Tubigon-Cebu 03:00pm 05:00pm
Lite Shipping Corp. Tubigon-Cebu 04:00pm 06:00pm
Kinswell Shipping Inc Tubigon-Cebu 7:30am 09:50am
Island Shipping Corp. Tubigon-Cebu 10:30m 12:30am

Tubigon port and Jagna port help the tourists to have easy ways in getting to bohol island. Jagna port serves the tourists from Mindanao serving Cagayan de Oro to jagna port in getting to Bohol island. While Tubigon port serves the tourists mostly from Cebu City going to Visit Bohol island. Jagna boat schedules going to Cagayan or Tagilaran going to Cagayan de Oro. If you want a cheap and exciting trip to Bohol island you should book our ticket early for some discount and you can avail the fare promo of some shipping company.

Lite shipping boat schedules for tubigon port
Cagayan de Oro - Jagna / Cagayan de Oro - Tagbilaran

Ferry Name Route Departure Days
Trans Asia Tagb - Cagayan 7:00pm MWF
Trans Asia Cagayan- Tagb 7:00pm TTHS
Cebu Ferries Jagna - Cagayan 02:00pm Tuesday
Cebu Ferries Jagna - Cagayan 02:00pm Thursday
Cebu Ferries Jagna - Cagayan 04:00pm Saturday
Cebu Ferries Cagayan - Jagna 07:00am Tuesday
Cebu Ferries Cagayan - Jagna 07:00am Thursday
Cebu Ferries Cagayan - Jagna 08:00pm Saturday